CURM is the inner embodiment of the absurd. Something so wild, so out there, yet within all of us. ​


As you know from browsing this page, CURM is an Atlanta-based rapper creating intense, hard-hitting, aggressive 90's era hip hop which screams at the establishment. CURM’s biggest influences are Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Method Man, Wu-Tang Clan, & so many more. In CURM’s eyes, the world is full of talent, beauty, and sophistication. 

However the world is also full of corruption, inequalities and greed. CURM uses his voice as a platform to oppose these atrocities in his own country and the world at large by taking jabs at political figures, big corporations, cops & ICE in his music through the sheer delivery of anger through his vocal chords. 


CURM is currently hard at work, finishing his third studio album “CURM Johnson” set to release in spring 2020 TBD. 

Lastly, and for sure the least, CURM is also apart of a YouTube collective making sketch videos of all kinds for your entertainment under the moniker “cryingvomit” check out our channel here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=07GImletepc

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